Streaming Films Go Inside Terrifying 1969 Cult

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Charles Manson: Buckle up — this is a weird one. The film’s aim appears in the first few minutes: “This tape is designed.

Helter Skelter: With taglines like “His name is Charles Manson. His disciples call him God. He preached death!.

Life After Manson: This quick, 25-minute documentary focuses on Patricia Krenwinkel — a Family member who participated.

Manson’s Lost Girls: In a surprise move, Lifetime made a movie about the women of the Manson Family that Variety described.

Manson Family Vacation: Unlike the other scripted films on this list, this movie’s plot isn’t a retelling of the Manson murders or trial.

Manson: This is the original Manson documentary, featuring interviews with Family members like Lynette “Squeaky.

Manson Music from an Unsound Mind: Manson made no secret of his ambitions to be a rockstar, famously befriending Beach Boys’ drummer Dennis Wilson.

Manson Speaks: This two-part documentary examines Manson’s claim that the Family was responsible for more than 35 murders. 

The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter: If you’ve ever wanted to take one of those tours in Los Angeles that visit locations associated with Manson.

Manson: The plot of this movie centers around a fictional member of the Manson jury: a straight-laced.

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