Stress-free jobs with high salaries

Economist: Simply put, an economist is someone who studies, or has a job, in economics.

Economist:  As reported by Prevention, economists have a stress tolerance.

Economist: Economists make an average of US$109,230 every year.

Astronomer: This is a scientific job which involves studying astronomy, using telescopes.

Astronomer: People who have this job have a reported stress tolerance of 62.

Actuary: To put it simply, an actuary is a math expert.

Actuary: Actuaries make around US$110,560 on an annual basis.

Mathematician: It shouldn’t take much guessing to figure out what a mathematician does.

Mathematician: If you thought math was tough at school, you can relax a bit now, a mathematician has a stress tolerance of 57.

Astronomer: Astronomers make an average of US$110,220 on an annual basis.

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