Strongest Horses in the World

Suffolks:brings that power at 16 to 17 hands high and up to 2,200 pounds. That is likely why it earned the nickname of “Suffolk Punch.”

American Cream Draft: is the only United States-developed draft horse still in existence. They only date back to the early 1900s, when their lineage began in the midwestern state of Iowa. 

South German Coldbloods:called the Suddeutsches Kaltblut in its native Germany, is one of the smaller draft horses. At only about 16 to 17 hands tall and a weight of up to 1,500 pounds.

Shires:At 16 to 18 hands tall and up to 2,400 pounds, the Shire of England has long been an agricultural and cart-pulling champion.

Belgian Drafts:are highly muscular and powerful. They were first developed in the Brabant region of Belgium for their strong backs. Modern horses from this line have a lighter frame than in the past.

Friesians: is one of the smallest types of draft horses. Although they are not as big as their Scottish, American, French and Belgian counterparts, the Friesian packs a lot of strength .

 Percherons:is a 15 to 19 hands tall breed that weighs between 1,800 and a whopping 2,600 pounds. This size certainly translates to strength, just as much as the breed is known for its intelligence.

Clydesdales:The same is true of armies that used the breed in wars. These heavily muscled animals are strong today but were stronger in the past.

Ardennes:is another super muscular specimen in the draft horse category. In fact, they are the eldest of all of the remaining draft breeds. At only 15.3 to 16 hands, they compact intense power .

Dutch Drafts:typically stands at 15 to 17 hands tall and 1,800 pounds. But they are well-muscled, making them both massive in size and powerful in strength.

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