Summer TV Preview 2019 From ‘Big Little Lies’

Heading 1

The Weekly: Ever wonder how the crack journalists and editors at the New York Times whip an investigative story into shape.

Black Mirror’ Season 5: Why, it seems like it was only yesterday that this British heir to The Twilight Zone dropped a choose-your-own-adventure one-off on us.

Perpetual Grace LTD: Shades of the Coen brothers inflect this twisty noir, which stars Sir Ben Kingsley as a sinister New Mexico pastor who.

What/If: Renée “You Had Me at Hello” Zellweger breaks bad in this new anthology series about dicey decisions.

Good Omens: He (Michael Sheen) is an angel, the most squeaky-clean of heavenly emissaries.

Swamp Thing: We have no idea how many people have actually joined DC Universe’s subscription service, or whether an adaptation.

NOS4A2: That’s “Nosferatu” for those of you playing at home. This take on Joe Hill’s novel about an artist.

Luther,’ Season 5: Idris Elba can try on as many hats as he likes — DJ/manny in Turn Up Charlie, genetically-enhanced supervillain.

Deadwood: Welcome back to fuckin’ Deadwood! It could be combative in the 13 years since the classic HBO Western’s.

When They See Us: Writer-director Ava DuVernay retells the harrowing story of the Central Park Five — the group of black.

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