Super Nanny's best advice for raising your child

A selection of their best tips - Discover in this gallery the best advice given by 'Super Nanny.' Tips that are easy to apply and adapt to the individual needs of your children.

Establish a routine - To create a routine, it's important to set specific times for meals, homework, playtime, and bedtime.

Prioritize quality family time - Whether it's fun activities, family outings, shared meals, or moments of conversation, quality family time is precious.

Don't neglect a child's sleep - To make bedtime easier, create an environment conducive to sleep and establish healthy habits before bedtime, such as reading a book.

Promote communication - Fluid communication with your children strengthens the emotional ties that exist between you and them and allows you to better understand their needs and expectations. 

Congratulate your child - By congratulating your children for their good grades, you will strengthen their self-esteem and encourage them to persevere and take on new challenges.

Do not force a child to eat - Your child does not want to finish his plate? Be indulgent with them. You have to respect their natural appetite.

Ban swear words - A basic principle, certainly, but it deserves to be remembered! The use of swear words in a child's speech can significantly damage their social relationships.

Listen actively - Actively listening to a child means giving them full and complete attention when they talk to us while showing signs of interest as well.

Encourage autonomy - It is important to let your child do tasks on their own. This makes him feel competent and boosts their self-confidence.

Do not show favoritism - If you have several children, be careful not to play favorites. "The idea is to spend as much time with each one as possible, to avoid any jealousy."

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