Surfing Amazon's endless wave

Natural phenomenon: Every year, a rare phenomenon occurs deep in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil.

Tidal bore: The right alignment of the sun and moon reverses the flow of the tide.

Long and devastating: The tidal bore can travel as far as 800 km (497 miles) inland.

Pororoca: In Brazil's Amazon rain forest, the famous phenomenon is locally known as Pororoca.

Ancient: The name originates from the local indigenous language.

Meaning: There are different views on what it means exactly.

Thunderous: This is because Pororoca can be heard way before it hits the area.

Fast and loud: It travels at speeds of 16 to 24 km (10 to 15 miles) per hour. 

Meaning: Another interpretation of the word comes from separating it into two words.

Demolishing: This also makes sense, as the Pororoca is such a powerful phenomenon.

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