Surprising food facts you had no idea about

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Chili peppers contain a chemical that tricks your mouth into 'thinking' it's being burned: -Chili peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin, which naturally connects to receptors in our nerves.

The red food dye used in Skittles is made from boiled beetles: -Carminic acid, also known as carmine, is a common red food dye made from the crushed.

Broccoli contains more protein than steak: -Besides the usual nutrition one gets from greens, there's more protein in broccoli than steak. 

Honey will never go bad: -When kept in its natural state, honey is very low in moisture and high in acidity. 

Every banana you eat is a clone: -Even if there are over a thousand varieties of bananas all over the world.

Gummy candies and cars are coated in the same type of wax: -That glossy sheen coated on gummy candies is actually carnauba wax.

Many shredded cheeses and cereals contain cellulose: -Cellulose is essentially sawdust. It's used in various shredded cheese products.

Tomatoes were believed to be poisonous: -In 18th-century Europe, the tomato was nicknamed "the poison apple.

Avocados are fruit: -Avocados are actually classified as a berry with a large seed. 

An ear of corn has an even number of rows: -You will rarely find an ear of corn with an uneven number.

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