Surprising things most Americans agree on

Teachers should be paid more -
A whopping 73% of respondents agree that teachers are underpaid and that they deserve to earn more money for their work.

The government should forgive medical debt - According to YouGov data, 67% of respondents think the government should consider medical-debt forgiveness.

Catholic priests should be allowed to marry - Catholic priests take vows of celibacy, but 69% of the surveyed Americans believe these men of the cloth should be allowed to marry.

The president should always be honest - So much so that 89% of the surveyed Americans believe that honesty is the most important presidential quality.

Most people have favorable views of the military - Americans really like their military, with 77% expressing a favorable view of the Navy, Army, Air Force, and the Coast Guard.

The 9/11 attacks changed the world -
The 9/11 attacks not only changed America, but they changed the world at large. At least 40% think it changed a lot, while 41% believe it changed a little.

A monarchy wouldn’t be good for the US - Of all the surveyed Americans, 67% said that a monarchy would be bad for the country, whereas 12% say it would be neither good nor bad. 

Racism is still a problem -
Of all the surveyed Americans, 68% believe that racism remains somewhat of a problem in the country, with 59% saying that race relations are not in great shape either.

It should be legal to record police-This has become a prominent topic in recent years with a whopping 86% of respondents being of the opinion that recording cops while they’re on duty should be legal.

The national flag is a positive symbol - The flag of the United States of America is loved by many. In fact, 77% of respondents said that the Stars and Stripes is a positive symbol.

Illegal immigration is a problem -
Of those surveyed, 61% think that illegal immigration is a problem in the country, and 59% believe it’s an actual crisis.

Job security is not such a big deal- While there are financial worries among Americans, job security does not seem to be a big one, with 61% claiming that they're not concerned about losing their job.

The president should have the ability to unite the country - When it comes to presidential qualities, 87% believe that the ability to unite all Americans is a very important one.

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