Surprising uses for Coca-Cola

Make barbecue sauce -
Coke can be used to make a nice barbecue sauce. Recipes are easy to find online.

Relieve an upset stomach -
Some people swear by it to relieve an upset stomach. Coke has a similar chemical composition to gastric acid, which can help stomach blockages.

Curly hair -
Some people swear by it as a hair product, including British supermodel and 'Insurgent' actress Suki Waterhouse.

Unclog drains -
If all you have at hand is a can of Coke, try it. The acidity in Coca-Cola can help eliminate grime.

Polish jewelry -
Give your old jewelry a new life by cleaning it with Coca-Cola.

Tenderize meat -
A nice Coke marinade can do wonders for your meat. Coca-Cola will tenderize your meat, so just soak it and see for yourself.

Fertilize plants -
Some plants and flowers, including azaleas and bergenias, can benefit from the acidity of Coke.

Help relieve asthma symptoms -
Caffeine can help asthma by opening the airways, and, well, Coca-Cola has caffeine!

Remove paint -
Coke can be great for removing paint from metal. Try it!

Remove gum from hair -
The phosphoric acid in Coke helps neutralize the stickiness of the gum, making it easier to remove.

Windshield defroster -
The acidic nature of Coca-Cola can help make your mornings easier in the winter.

Clean cast-iron skillets -
Coke can also be used for dishwashing. Things such as cast-iron skillets can be hard to wash, but Coca-Cola can help.

Cleaning windows -
The citric acid in Coke can do wonders for window cleaning.

Loosen rusty bolts -
The phosphoric acid in Coke helps dissolve the rust, so you'll be able to unscrew bolts easily.

Clean glasses -
Yes, Coke can be used for cleaning eyeglasses too. Just don't forget to rinse them with water afterwards.

Clean the bathroom sink -
Coke is great to clean vitreous china surfaces such as bathroom sinks.

Polish coins -
This is a classic one. So, if you want to make your coins shiny again, soak them in Coke.

Coca-Cola cake -
There are numerous cake recipes where Coke is a key ingredient!

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