Surprising ways marriage can affect your health

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Married people are more likely to survive cancer: There is a correlation between cancer patient longevity and marriage. 

Your testosterone levels might drop if you’re a married man: While testosterone levels start to naturally decline in men at around age 40, according to author.

The risk of developing dementia is lower if you’re married: Unmarried people are at greater risk of developing dementia, when compared to those in marriages.

You might become more empathetic: We tend to develop a deep connection with our partners, and even when we argue there is an underlying feeling of empathy for the other person.

Wounds tend to heal faster if you're in a happy marriage: Physical wounds actually heal faster if you’re in a happy marriage. 

Married people tend to live longer: Life expectancy can actually increase for those in marriages.

The risk for cardiovascular disease lowers if you’re married: A systematic review and meta-analysis conducted in 2018 found that unmarried people are 42% more at risk of developing cardiovascular.

You may feel more or less stressed: In general, those who are married experienced lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone). 

Your immune system may be stronger if you’re happily married: Want to boost your immunity? Getting married is an option! It turns out that those who are in happy marriages are more likely to have .

Your mental health is likely to improve during marriage: Pair-bonding is a positive thing when it comes to our mental health.

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