Surprising ways to reuse bubble wrap

Wallpaper -
The inventors of bubble wrap initially tried to sell it as wallpaper. Though that didn't work, bubble wrap can actually make effective door stoppers.

Insulate windows -
You can use bubble wrap to insulate windows. This technique is often used in greenhouses, but can work just as well in your home.

Pool cover -
Use bubble wrap as a pool cover. This will keep your pool clean and free from things such as leaves.

Wrap plants and trees -
Bubble wrap can help protect new trees and plants in your garden.

Use it when planting strawberries -
Place some bubble wrap around the strawberry plants to avoid the fruits from falling to the ground.

Dust protection -
Are you going on vacation? Cover your furniture with bubble wrap, and you'll come back to a dust-free home.

Stress relief -
Popping bubble wrap is actually a proven way to relieve stress. A survey found that just over one minute of popping is equivalent to a 33-minute massage.

Costumes for children -
Kids love bubble wrap, and they surely will love if you make them an outfit with it!

Protective padding -
When a helmet and other protection gear is not enough, bubble wrap might just provide the extra padding you're looking for.

Antifreeze -
Place some bubble wrap under your windshield wipers and voila! No more dealing with frosty windshields in the morning!

Home security -
Placing some bubble wrap under a doormat is a cheap way to know if someone's at your door.

Pop calendar -
There is such thing as a bubble wrap calendar. Popping a bubble at the end of the day can be very satisfying!

Padded car seats -
Going for a long drive? Place some bubble wrap over your seats. It will make them more comfortable.

Go camping -
Bubble wrap can provide extra insulation, so place it on the bottom of your tent or around your sleeping bag.

Sweaty toilet -
Bubble wrap is great to prevent condensation in your toilet.

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