Symbols of kindness and compassion

Shepherd's staff -
In Christian teachings, the shepherd shows love and care towards his sheep. A shepherd's staff, therefore, is a symbol of this care in Christian literature.

Feather -
Soft and delicate feathers are a symbol of gentleness and kindness, mainly because they are associated with birds, which are often holy or sacred.

Lotus flower -
The lotus flower represents purity and compassion in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is also a symbol of the path from suffering to enlightenment.

Om -
Om is a sacred syllable in the Tibetan Buddhism mantra of compassion: "Om mani padme hum."

Stupa spire -
A stupa is a monument that is found all over the world. They are often topped with a spire that represents the Buddha and that is associated with compassion.

Heart chakra -
According to Hindu teachings, the body has seven different chakras. The heart chakra is associated with kindness, compassion, and love.

Strength tarot card -
The strength tarot card is ninth in the deck. Its meaning runs deeper than just physical strength and extends to harmony, compassion, and strength.

White parrot -
White parrots have come to symbolize compassion because of their association with the goddess Guan Yin. She is often depicted with this beautiful white bird.

Hringhorni -
This Norse ship Hringhorni belonged to the most beloved Norse god, Baldur. He represented kindness and light, and when he died his body was laid in this ship.

Dove -
While in some cultures the dove represents peace or love, in Native American cultures it represents kindness and gentleness.

Deer -
Deer are considered to be very gentle creatures. They symbolize kindness because of the way they live in peaceful harmony with the world around them.

Pelican -
The pelican is a symbol of kindness in Christian teachings. It also represents compassion and sacrifice to a certain extent.

Elephant -
Elephants, too, symbolize gentleness and compassion. Despite their size, these majestic creatures are almost always peaceful towards other animals.

Bluebells -
These trumpet-shaped English flowers, sometimes referred to as "fairy flowers," are a beautiful symbol of kindness. 

Anthurium -
This plant is a tropical evergreen that symbolizes kindness. It has heart-shaped leaves and makes a great gift.

White jasmine -
According to Hindu teachings, each petal of this tiny and fragile flower has a different meaning. Those meanings are compassion, modesty, patience, selflessness, and integrity.

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