The tallest trees in the world, and where to admire them

Hyperion: Hyperion, a coast redwood, is the tallest tree in the world according to Guinness World Records.

Redwood National and State Parks, USA: Hyperion is found in Redwood National and State Parks, along the northern coast of California.

Mountain ash: Centurion is the name of a giant mountain ash that towers 100 m (328 ft) and has a trunk diameter of 4.5 m.

Arve Valley, Tasmania: Centurion stands in the Arve Valley in Tasmania, through which runs the Arve River. 

Coast Douglas-fir: A coast Douglas-fir called the Doerner Fir that measures 99 m (324 ft) is the world's tallest Douglas fir.

Oregon Coast Range, USA: To admire the Doerner Fir you need to visit the Oregon Coast Range and trek through a Bureau of Land Management.

Sitka spruce: A Sitka spruce known as Raven's Tower reaches a height of 96 m (314 ft). It was only discovered in 2001.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, USA: The exact location of Raven's Tower is a secret, but it calls home the Prairie.

Giant sequoia: Giant sequoias are the most colossal trees on Earth. A coniferous species, sequoias grow an average 50–85 m.

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