Tasty delicacies on your trip to Auckland

1. Pork Sausage:
The skin casing is often made from intestine although other man-made protein wrappings are sometimes used.

2. Pork Belly Steamed Buns:
It also called Gua bao, is made with a slice of stewed meat, traditionally red-cooked pork belly, condiments such as pickled mustard greens and coriander.

3. Whitebait Fritters:
A very popular dish in New Zealand, the delicacy of a battered and fried Whitebait is enjoyed by everyone.

4. Bacon And Egg Pie:
This dish is a New Zealander favorite that anyone can love. It consists of a combination of flaky pastry, egg yolks, salty bacon, and sometimes onion.

5. Crayfish Meatballs:
The meatball is a staple of culinary styles around the world, but none are as distinct as that of the crayfish meatball.

6. Chicken Salad:
Chicken salad almost universally consists of chopped chicken (usually white meat) mixed with lettuce and other salad greens along with a binding or dressing like mayonnaise.

7. Pavlova:
 In order to make Pavlova, you need to beat the egg whites until they are fluffy and form stiff peaks to ensure a great meringue.

8. New Zealand Fish And Chips:
Fish and Chips as a meal was introduced to New Zealand by the British before World War 1. This dish offers a wide variety of meats.

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