Telltale signs of a gifted child

An ability to retain information - Average child may have to hear something eight to 15 times to retain it, whereas a gifted child may only have to hear something once or twice.

Speed of learning -
One telltale sign of a gifted child is the high speed at which they learn things, especially compared to other children of their age.

A way with words -
A sign that a child is gifted may be their ability to learn and spell words much faster than other children their age.

An exceptionally curious mind - Another telltale sign of a gifted child is them having a hyper sense of curiosity.

Questioning the world around them - A gifted child may question the world around them in unusual ways compared to other children their age.

An eagerness to learn -
Driven by their curiosity, gifted children may have an eagerness to learn more and more.

Early reading -
Early reading is one of the most prominent telltale signs of a gifted child, especially one who is gifted in language. 

Patterns and puzzles -
Recognizing patterns and being exceptionally good at completing puzzles is another sign that a child is gifted.

Reasoning skills -
Having advanced skills regarding reasoning (which may come across in arguing or debating) is a sign of a gifted child.

Acutely responsive -
Gifted children may be unusually aware of or responsive to experiences and feelings, both their own and those of other people.

Losing the run of things -
In a school essay, they may only partially answer the question or go off on a tangent or attempt to solve a math question in their own way.

Critical thinking and rationalizing - The ability to think critically compared to other children their age is telling that a child is gifted.

Ability to focus -
Yet another telltale sign of a gifted child is their ability to focus on a singular task for a relatively long amount of time.

Idealism -
Furthermore, a gifted child is often idealistic and has a sense of justice that appears at an early age.

Gifted children expect more - The child may have high expectations of self and others, leading to frustration with themselves, others, and situations.

Identification of a gifted child - Parents aren’t usually the ones who notice that a child is gifted. Usually, people such as other family members, doctors, and teachers will pick up on these traits

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