Ten of the strangest dishes in the world

Witchetty grub:
A source of protein for Australian Aborigines, these larvae are usually eaten live and raw. They are white, mushy and rather large wood grubs.

Straight from Japan, this dish is made from squid fermented with its own innards. The smell is so strong that it is downed on par with a shot, accompanied by a shot of whiskey.

By now it is no longer a mystery. Grasshoppers are the staple food of many peoples but not only. For some time now they have also been on the menu of a London restaurant. 

Snake wine:
Vietnamese wine or liquor, of snake wine is believed to be an excellent restorative. It is made by infusing the whole body of the reptile or its bodily fluids into alcohol.

Also known as "tequila with a worm." The escamoles are the larvae of the blue agave plant from which tequila is distilled precisely.

Fried spiders:
Apparently, fried spiders are a real delicacy. Served skewered on skewers and seasoned with pepper and lemon juice, a well-known Cambodian restaurant serves more than 200 servings a day.

Casu marzu:
The casu marzu is typical of the Sardinia region and its characteristic is that it is formed by the larvae of the cheese fly.

The pufferfish is more dangerous dead than alive. Handling it requires special knives and a special license. In fact, if the poisonous parts are not removed properly they can lead to death.

Balut is a duck egg consumed mainly in Southeast Asia. It is boiled in the shell just before hatching.

Bat soup:
Unlike other recipes, in the typical one from Palau, Indonesia, the bat is cooked whole with teeth, wings, hair and claws. Detail that certainly does not go unnoticed at the serving.

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