The 10 Best Bob Dylan Songs of the 21st Century

Heading 1

Stay With Me”: In October 2014, Bob Dylan was wrapping up a three-night stand at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Autumn Leaves: The romantic ballad “Autumn Leaves” has been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Bing Crosby to Nat King Cole.

Beyond Here Lies Nothin: Like most of 2009’s Together Through Life.

Must Be Santa: Just when we thought Dylan couldn’t surprise us with any more curveballs.

Lonesome Day Blues: By 2001, Dylan had been playing around with blues forms for 40-odd years.

It’s All Good: Dylan was always a hip-hop head — ever since he spat bars on old-school rap legend Kurtis Blow’s “Street Rock” in the Eighties. 

Workingman’s Blues: Dylan toured with Merle Haggard in 2005.

Spirit on the Water: “I’d make this record no matter what was going on in the world.

Soon After Midnight: At many of his concerts in the 2010s.

Why Was Born: For many fans, the three-CD set of standards Triplicate felt like absurd overkill coming after two previous volumes that covered the same territory.

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