The 10 Best Metal Albums

Heading 1

Carcass, ‘Torn Arteries’: On their 2013 reunion LP, Surgical Steel.

Tribulation, ‘Where the Gloom Becomes Sound’: Mysterious, malevolent, and thrillingly cinematic.

Skepticism, ‘Companion’: In the center of the Venn diagram between last rites.

Portal, ‘Avow’: Extreme experimental-metal outfit Portal may hail from Australi.

Panopticon, ‘…And Again Into the Light’: For over a decade now.

King Woman, ‘Celestial Blues’: During the 40 gripping minutes of Celestial Blues.

Iron Maiden, ‘Senjutsu’: As much as Maiden fans may wish the band would rehash warhorses like.

Gojira, ‘Fortitude: There are moments on Fortitude when noise overwhelms the melody.

Converge, ‘Bloodmoon: I’: In the works since 2016, this stunning collaboration between hardcore legends.

Mastodon, ‘Hushed and Grim’: Mastodon’s last few albums sounded like dispatches from a mid.

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