The 10 Greatest Episodes Of 'Arrested Development'

Switch Hitter” (Season 2, Episode 7: Switch Hitter” is the seventh episode of the second season of Arrested Development.

The Ocean Walker” (Season 3, Episode 6: No show has made use of guest stars in a manner as effective and hilarious as Arrested Development.

Key Decisions” (Season 1, Episode 4: It’s a testament to the hilarity of Arrested Development that several episodes on this list came very early.

Missing Kitty” (Season 1, Episode 18: Of all the hilarious and off-kilter guest appearances in Arrested Development.

In God We Trust” (Season 1, Episode 7: The first season of Arrested Development is truly a master class in comedy.

Meet the Veals” (Season 2, Episode 16: Directed by Joe Russo (he and his brother Anthony have since become incredibly famous directors.

The One Where Michael Leaves” (Season 2, Episode 1: There comes a time in every man’s life when he gets so frustrated with his dysfunctional.

Top Banana” (Season 1, Episode 2: We warned you there would be more early episodes of Arrested Development on this list, and we can say with confidence.

Pier Pressure” (Season 1, Episode 10: The tenth episode of the first season of Arrested Development, “Pier Pressure” is often cited as the episode most people.

Bringing Up Buster” (Season 1, Episode 3: We told you it’d be an early episode that topped this list, but did you listen? Actually yes, you most likely.

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