The 10 most amazing attractions in La Paz

1. La Paz Cathedral The cathedral features a soaring dome and an Italian marble altar.

2. Mirador Killi Killi, located in La Paz, Bolivia, is a viewpoint in the city which offers spectacular views that visitors must not miss.

3. Chacaltaya Ski Resort, located in La Paz, Bolivia, is a famous ski resort 17,000 feet above sea level.

4. Muela Del Diablo is also known as Devil's Tooth is a prominent rock outcrop, which is a solidified core of an extinct volcano.

5. Plaza San Francisco:
Plaza San Francisco is a frequent location for political gatherings and protests.

6. Diesel Nacional The club is a must-visit for those interested in socializing and sipping refreshing cocktails.

7. Coca Museum Learn about the rich history of the Coca Plant in this quaint museum found within the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

8. Palacio Quemado In 1946, former President Gualberto Villarroel was dragged into the plaza by an angry mob and hanged from a lamppost.

9. The Witches' Market:
The Witches' Market is a famous tourist destination located in La Paz in Bolivia.

10. Cotapata National Park:
The Cotapata National Park has high mountains, snowfields, and humid forests.

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