The 10 Stupidest Animals in the world

1. Hamster: Scientists have calculated that animals have an average short-term memory span of about 27 seconds.

2. Killdeer: This bird, commonly found throughout the Americas, has the unfortunate habit of building its nests on the ground.

3. Ptarmigan: The ptarmigan family is rarely praised for its intelligence. In fact, ptarmigans freeze when confronted with an enemy or unfamiliar circumstances.

4. Komodo dragon: This impressive reptile is an acknowledged glutton. Indeed, it often eats too much, and prey that’s too big can get wedged in its throat.

5. Norwegian lemming: They made the cut because these small creatures don’t hesitate to fiercely attack much bigger animals, including predators like raccoons!

6. Domestic turkey: Domestic turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo domestica) were tamed and bred for their meat rather than their intelligence.

7. Giraffe: Its long neck, used to reach high-growing, very nutritious leaves, is actually a handicap when eating food and drinking water at ground level. 

8. Goblin shark: The aptly named goblin shark certainly cuts a shocking figure! it patiently waits for prey to come close then opens its jaws to attack.

9. Three-toed sloth: Three-toed sloths, like those with two toes, are terribly clumsy on the ground, making them easy prey to ocelots and jaguars.

10. Kakapo: This magnificent green and yellow bird is the only member of the parrot family that cannot fly. This wasn’t necessarily a problem when it had no predators.