The 8 Different Types of Lawn Mushrooms

Fairy Ring Mushrooms Depending on your point of view, “fairy rings” can either be a regular lawn issue or a fantastic experience.

Haymaker Mushroom There are numerous names for this mushroom, including haymakers, mowers, lawn mowers, and brown hay mushrooms.

Field or Meadow Mushroom The field or meadow mushroom is one of the most popular wild mushrooms in Great Britain and Ireland.

Giant Puffball One of the largest types of lawn mushrooms you might see is the Giant Puffball, or Calvatia Gigantea.

Ringless Honey Mushroom You might discover ringless honey mushrooms in your yard growing on oak tree stumps or tree trunks.

Lawyer’s Wig The lawyer’s wig mushroom, also known as shaggy mane or fuzzy ink cap, is a type of lawn mushroom that will stand tall amid grass blades.

Common Stinkhorn One of the strangest of the different types of lawn mushrooms you may come across is the common stinkhorn mushroom. 

Fly Agaric The fly agaric mushroom is what most people think of when you say the word “toadstool.”

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