The amazing sunken forest of Lake Kaindy

Lake Kaindy: Lake Kaindy is located in the south of Kazakhstan, around 129 km.

Kolsai Lakes National Park: Set within Kolsai Lakes National Park, National Park - Set within Kolsai Lakes National Park, Lake Kaindy—known for its series of picture-postcard lakes.

A unique natural feature: Kaindy, however, is also known for an unusual natural feature.

Surface to air: Piercing the lake's dazzling mirror-like surface are the needle-like trunks of dozens of Schrenk’s spruce trees.

Sunken forest: The trunks appear like the bleached masts of stricken, long-forgotten ghosts ships.

Lake arrival: How did an entire forest end up being swallowed up by lake.

Tian Shan Mountains: Lake Kaindy was formed in 1911 after an earthquake struck the Tian Shan Mountains.

The Kebin earthquake: Known as the Kebin earthquake, or Chon-Kemin earthquake, the violent tremors triggered a huge landslide.

Water world: This avalanche of rock proved impermeable to water.

Submerged flora: While the exposed tips of the trees have become worn and brittle.

A cold environment: Kaindy's water is cold. Even in summer, temperatures rarely exceed 6°C.

A world underwater: The frigid conditions have helped preserve the submerged tree trunks.

Clear visibility: Because of the clear mountain water, visibility below the surface is extraordinarily good. 

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