The benefits of having an alter ego

Sasha Fierce: In 2008, Beyoncé spoke to Oprah about Sasha Fierce, the alter ego she created to conquer performance anxiety.

Sasha Fierce: She told Oprah Usually when I hear the chords, when I put on my stilettos, like the moment right before when you’re nervous.

Sasha Fierce: Beyoncé apparently relied on Sasha Fierce to give her confidence until 2010.

Sasha Carter: Beyonce is not the only star to have an alter ego: in 2011, Adele spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about Sasha Carter.

Sasha Carter: Sasha Carter, who was apparently a combination of Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce and the country music singer June Carter.

Sasha Carter: The ‘Hello’ singer told Rolling Stone that inventing Sasha Carter ensured that during her breakout year.

Psychological technique: The creation of an alter ego may sound like the self-indulgent behavior of a mega star.

Self-distancing: Self-distancing is the act of removing yourself from immediate feelings in order to view a situation more rationally.

It just takes a little: Research shows that the shift in perspective involved with self-distancing needn’t be dramatic in order for people.

Facing a challenge" experiment: In one study, two groups of participants were asked to consider a challenge they may face in the future.

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