The best cities to visit with kids

Coimbra, Portugal -
Still flying under the travel radar compared to busy Portuguese cities like Porto and Lisbon, Coimbra is perfect for kids. 

Florence, Italy - Florence is compact and walkable, and the historic downtown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The incredible pizzas will be a major selling point for kids, too. 

York, UK -
The city of Vikings, York is great fun to visit with kids. 

Rome, Italy -
Kids of toddler-age and above will love the opportunity to step right into Rome's fascinating history at the Coliseum and see the home of the pope at Vatican City.

Edinburgh, UK -
This ancient Scottish city is a fun place to explore as a family.

Vienna, Austria -
Beautiful Vienna is a treat for families at any time of year, and its outdoor ice rinks make it a lovely city for a family winter break. 

Singapore, Southeast Asia -
Singapore is absolutely packed with attractions and activities aimed at families with kids. 

Seoul, South Korea -
Safe, clean, and walkable, Seoul has abundant parks and two major theme parks —Lotte World and Everland. Public transport is very easy to use with kids.

Melbourne, Australia -
Sunny Melbourne is jam-packed with family activities. There's a 3D art gallery, interactive museum, excellent aquarium and indoor ice-skating, and a branch of Legoland. 

Montreal, Canada -
Hip Montreal has a surprising amount to offer families with kids. 

Los Angeles, USA -
The home of movie stars, the Hollywood sign, Disneyland, and Universal Studios, Los Angeles won't be a hard sell for kids.

Paris, France -
The Eiffel Tower is impressive whether you're five or 55, and it's just one of the big-ticket attractions that make Paris a good bet for a family break. 

Reykjavik, Iceland -
Magical Reykjavik has a lot to offer visitors with kids. 

Buenos Aires -
Argentina's colorful capital is an exciting place to visit with kids. 

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