The best countries to work in and make money

Japan - Japan's innovative nature paired with its strong economy make it a lucrative destination for expats. Japanese companies have some of the best expat packages in the world.

Taiwan - A hub of international enterprises, Taiwan is a great destination for those working in IT and technology. Expat salaries tend to be high, particularly for those in corporate environments.

Poland - Since joining the EU, Poland has attracted a number of multinational companies, which have transformed the local economy.

United States - The US offers plenty of opportunities for expats, but its corporate environment can be brutal. Large corporations often offer generous packages for expats on long-term contracts.

China - The world's second largest economy is overflowing with opportunities. Expat salaries tend to be high and large companies often offer generous employment benefits and packages.

Hong Kong - In the last few decades, Hong Kong has emerged as a global financial power. Salaries and packages tend to be high, particularly for those in finance and executive positions.

Austria - Austria offers good opportunities for those in the banking and tourism industries. Expat salaries are high, particular for those in managerial positions.

Sweden - The country's innovative industries attract expats from all over the world. Expat salaries are high, as are the cost of living.

United Arab Emirates - The country has a small population, meaning its economy depends on skilled expats. In fact, more than 80% of its workforce is made up of expats.

Singapore - Singapore's thriving, high-paced economy offers good opportunities for expats. Salaries tend to be high, particularly for positions in finance and marketing.

Germany - Europe's strongest economy offers great career advancement opportunities for highly qualified expats. Salaries tend to be high, particularly for those in managerial positions.

Norway - Norway has a booming economy brimming with opportunities. Salaries are high, but so is the cost of living.

Switzerland - Switzerland's economy has remained strong, in spite of volatility experienced by its neighbors. Expat salaries are high, especially those employed to make up for local skills shortages.

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