The best dog breeds for children

Labrador retriever - He is intelligent, loving and easy to train. Therefore, in addition to being ideal for living with children, he's also often trained as a guide dog.

Beagle - Though mischievous at times, the beagle is a sweet and kind dog for children. 

English bulldog - Meek and quiet, the English bulldog is also a loyal, brave and loving dog. He's a fundamental companion for children.

Bichon frisé - This French dog breed is like a teddy bear come to life. Besides looking adorable, it also has a big heart. And it loves to play!

Collie - This dog usually becomes good friends with the elderly and children thanks to its great ability to socialize.

American boxer -  A great messenger and exceptional guide, this dog loves to play. He will also always protect the whole family, starting with the little ones.

German shepherd -  It has a lot of energy, so it can play and play for hours with the children without losing any of its enthusiasm.

Cocker - A good dog! And cheerful too; she never gets tired of running and playing.

Pomeranian - Like the previous breed, this is a small and adorable dog that, once educated, will be full of love, joy and loyalty towards its family.

 Goldendoodles - This mix between golden and poodle is a delight. Though sometimes naughty, it's intelligent, affectionate and open.

Shih tzu - Once he's a part of the family, he does not stop giving sweet, happy and noble gestures to the children.

Golden retriever - It is easy to teach new things to a golden retriever, and it's also a very playful animal.

Yorkshire terrier - If properly trained, the Yorkshire terrier is devoted to being affectionate with the people it loves, refraining from any kind of discomfort or behavioral problem.

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