The best foods against hair loss

Red wine
The health benefits of alcohol consumption may be widely debated, but there’s no getting around the fact that red wine is rich in antioxidants.

Canned clams
As well as being the world’s most common nutritional deficiency, a lack of iron is a well-known cause of hair loss.

Another all-round hair-booster, walnuts are a solid source of iron and zinc, and are near the top of the antioxidant chart with 21.9 mmol per 100-gram (3.5-ounce) serving.

A 100-millilitre (three-ounce) shot of espresso does more than perk you up. It also contains 14.2 mmol of antioxidants, among the highest content of any prepared beverage.

Seafood goes two for two at the top of the iron-rich list, with oysters containing 7.8 mg of the nutrient per 85-gram (three-ounce) serving.

Another iron standby for vegetarians, lentils contain about 6 mg per 85-gram (three-ounce) serving, as well as notable amounts of zinc, lysine and antioxidants.

Indian gooseberries
This exotic edible is absolutely jammed with antioxidants: 261.5 millimoles per 100-gram (3.5-ounce) serving when dried.

One regular bagel contains up to 3.75 mg of iron. Spread some cream cheese on there, and you get a solid jolt of zinc, too.

Baked beans:
It may be good for your heart, as the rhyme says, but they’re also good for preventing hair loss thanks to nearly 4 mg of iron and 2.2 mg of zinc per 85-gram (three-ounce) serving. 

Chicken liver
Fish and red meat lead the way when it comes to iron content, but poultry is rich in the nutrient as well. 

Pumpkin seeds
Vegetarians and vegans looking to get more hair-saving iron and zinc into their diets can snack on pumpkin seeds, which contain around 4.2 mg of iron and 2.9 mg of zinc per 28-gram (one-ounce) serving.

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