The Best of Dustin Hoffman 10 Essential Roles

Heading 1

Marathon Man: Is it safe?” Hoffman is a Columbia grad student who gets tangled up in some nasty business involving.

The Graduate: Hoffman had been making his bones as an actor for a few years when Mike Nichols caught him in an Off-Broadway.

Midnight Cowboy: I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here!” What do you do when you’ve made a movie that’s turned you into the cracking.

All the President’s Men: Hoffman and Robert Redford as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the Washington Post investigative reporters who took down a President.

Kramer vs. Kramer: Hoffman won his first Oscar for playing a workaholic who, after his wife leaves him, must learn to be a single father.

Straight Time: Fresh out of prison, Max Dembo wants to leave his past behind him and lead a normal, square life.

Lenny: Watch old footage of Lenny Bruce, and the first thing you notice is the stand-up comic’s livewire energy.

Little Big Man: We first see Hoffman buried under latex prosthetic make-up, portraying the 121-year-old Jack Crabb.

Papillon: Hoffman’s character in this seminal based-on-a-true-story prison-break drama – the forger Louis Dega.

Straw Dogs: Anyone could believe that a screen “he-man” like, say, Charles Bronson could be pushed to the brink of brutality. 

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