The best royal PDA moments

Affectionate display - Kate Middleton played with a patient from the Mittal Children's Medical Centre during her visit in 2018.

Sunny embrace - Kate Middleton hugging a young fan on her visit to Berlin, Germany in July 2017.

Intimate embrace - Prince William hugged patient Katie Daley during his visit to Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool in 2017.

Sincere embrace - King Charles hugged a woman, whose family has been missing since the 1999 conflict in Kosovo, on his visit to Pristina in 2016.

Gentle embrace - King Charles hugged Samsung Young Achievers Award winner Afsana Benozir in London in 2013.

Hug cheer - The Princess of Wales hugged a runner from the Virgin Money London Marathon in April of 2017.

Congratulatory embrace - The royal hugged a runner at the Virgin Money London Marathon in April of 2017.

An official hug - The Prince embraced Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller on his visit to Kingston, Jamaica, in 2012.

Traditional greeting - Kate Middleton carried out a traditional Maori greeting on her visit to Christchurch City Council Buildings in New Zealand in 2014.

Christmas embrace - The royal hugged a young fan as she attended the Anna Freud Centre Family School Christmas Party in 2015.

In for a hug - Prince Harry hugged Invictus Games competitor at the event in London in 2014.

Welcoming embrace - The royal is greeted with a big hug at Dunedin International Airport in New Zealand in 2014.

Hugs in Brazil - Prince Harry hugged a Brazilian police officer in São Paulo in 2014, thanking the force for their efforts towards reducing drugs and crime in the region.

High five - The royal high-fived a pupil from Bond Primary School in Mitcham in her visit in january 2019.

Fan admiration - Prince Harry received a hug from young fan Hope Hillis at the WellChild Awards in London in 2012.

Tight squeeze - Charles hugged a young boy during his visit to Bucharest, Romania, in 2017.

Water break hug - The Prince gave a runner a much needed break and hug at Virgin Money London Marathon in 2017.

Father and son - King Charles and Prince William greet each when they reunited in Ypres, Belgium, in 2017.

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