The Biggest Fashion Crimes ever created

1. Balenciaga Crocs: Designers aren’t done surprising us yet: Balenciaga and Crocs teamed up to create a pair of platform shoes that are as hideous as they are ridiculous.

2. Micro purse: Le sac Chiquito from Jacquemus is aptly named as it’s so small it can only fit a mini lipstick and change (chiquito means “little one” in Spanish). 

3. Romper for men: Men, no one will take you seriously if you’re wearing a RompHim romper—not to mention each print is cheesier than the last.

4. “Extreme cut-out” jeans: Why not just leave the house in your underwear instead of putting on these shreds of fabric? Even on sale, these “extreme cut-out” jeans are to be avoided.

5. Life in plastic: Just because Kim Kardashian wears them doesn’t mean they’re okay! Imagine how hot it gets in these YEEZY PVC boots—and remember: plastic always yellows.

6. Velour tracksuit: Often brightly coloured and adorned with the word “juicy” or “princess” on the back, the famous velour sports ensemble will always have its fans.

7. Yeti boots: Picture these Saint Laurent Angora goat fur boots in the winter slush—not exactly the best way to spend US$1,295!

8. Tiny sunglasses: What’s the point of wearing sunglasses if they don’t protect your eyes? We’re going to bet the tiny-sunglass trend doesn’t last long.

9. MC Hammer pants: No matter what you call these MC Hammer pants—harem, sirwal, or Punjabi—it always seems like you’re trying to hide something under them. Flattering? Not so much.

10. Toe shoes: Toe shoes are made for water sports, like windsurfing, wakeboarding, and SUPing, but should never be worn in the city! #creepy.