The biggest fashion crimes ever created

Tiny sunglasses the point of wearing sunglasses if they don’t protect your eyes? We’re going to bet the tiny-sunglass trend doesn’t last long.

Velour tracksuit Often brightly coloured and adorned with the word “juicy” or “princess” on the back, the famous velour sports ensemble will always have its fans.

Tie-dye fashion is cyclical, but certain trends deserve to stay in the past, like the famous tie-dye.

Micro purseLe sac Chiquito from Jacquemus is aptly named as it’s so small it can only fit a mini lipstick and change (chiquito means “little one” in Spanish).

Yeti boots Picture these Saint Laurent Angora goat fur boots in the winter slush—not exactly the best way to spend

 Balenciaga and Crocs teamed up to create a pair of platform shoes that are as hideous as they are ridiculous.

Romper for Men, no one will take you seriously if you’re wearing a Romp Him romper—not to mention each print is cheesier than the last.

Boob shirts Kendall Jenner was seen sporting a shirt like this and, ever since, you can spot it on every street corner. 

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