The biggest health risks for men

Diabetes: - Diabetes can be deadly if untreated, leading to nerve damage, heart disease, or even blindness.

Alcoholism: -Alcohol is a vice which affects more men than women. Men are twice as likely to binge-drink than women.

Respiratory diseases: - Men can also suffer from respiratory diseases. 

Skin cancer: -Skin cancer is a big threat to men. By the age of 65, men are two times as likely.

Depressive disorders: - At least six million American men suffer from depressive disorders, such as suicidal thoughts.

Heart problems: - The first health risk for men relates to the heart. Heart disease can come in many, possibly fatal, forms.

Influenza and pneumonia: - Influenza and pneumonia are two health risks that hit men hard.

HIV and AIDS: -According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2017, men accounted for 81% of new HIV diagnoses in the US.

Liver disease: - Men are big sufferers of liver diseases, like cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Unintentional injuries and accidents: - Men also suffer a higher than normal rate of unintentional injury. 

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