The biggest sports lawsuits of all time

NCAA scholarship settlement
In 2017, a federal judge approved of a $208.7 million settlement with the NCAA that would compensate roughly 43,000 former and current athletes.

“Watch the lawsuit, Tie”
File this one under “weirdest sports lawsuits of all time.”

Bosman ruling
Known as the “Bosman ruling,” the decision essentially granted soccer players free agency.

Penn State’s Sandusky settlements
For failing to protect Jerry Sandusky’s victims from abuse, Penn State University paid out over $109 million in settlements to more than 30 people. 

Michigan State’s $500 million settlement
In May of 2018, Michigan State University agreed to pay a record $500 million to 332 of Larry Nassar's victims.

Minor hockey team sued for destroying hotel ice machine
Professional athletes aren’t the only ones involved in big lawsuits.

Houston Texans cheerleaders sue team
Five former Houston Texans cheerleaders sued the team in 2018, citing hostile and unsafe work conditions and insufficient pay.

Al Davis sues NFL to move Raiders
Davis filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the league, and in 1982, a federal district court ruled in his favour. 

Kobe Bryant sued by fan
If not one of the biggest lawsuits, this is at least one of the most bizarre legal disputes in sports history.

Curt Flood vs. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn
Today’s baseball players have Curt Flood to thank for their right to make decisions about their own careers. 

M.I.A.’s $16.6 million middle finger
Normally it’s the NFL that’s being sued, but in this case they were the ones claiming damages.

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