‘The Challenge World Championship’

Kaz Crossley - Kaz Crossley is on ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ as a representative from the United Kingdom. 

Danny McCray - Danny McCray is representing USA on ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ after winning ‘The Challenge: USA.’

Sarah Lacina - ‘Survivor’ season 34 winner Sarah Lacina is on team USA for ‘The Challenge: World Championship.’ 

Nia Moore - Nia Moore began her MTV career on ‘The Real World: Portland.’ She was on two seasons of ‘The Challenge’.

Darrell Taylor - He won four seasons of ‘The Challenge’ throughout his career on the show.

The Challenge Cast - The inaugural season of ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ premieres on March 8, 2023 on Paramount+.

Justine Ndiba -  She was previously on the US version of ‘Love Island’ and came in third place on ‘The Challenge: USA.’ 

Nelson Thomas -  While he has never won a season of ‘The Challenge,’ he is a two-time finalist.

Amber Borzotra - Amber Borzotra is representing MTV she won her first ever season on ‘The Challenge.’

Yes Duffy - He won his first season of ‘The Challenge’ in 2000

Jordan Wiseley - Jordan Wiseley is a three-time ‘Challenge’ winner and five-time finalist.

Grant Crapp - He didn’t make the final on ‘The Challenge: Australia’ and is hoping for redemption. 

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