The cheapest pets you can own

Rats don’t have a good reputation: we tend to picture them swimming in sewers or biting anyone who approaches them. However, they make excellent, inexpensive pets.

Guinea pig
This cute rodent is especially popular with kids. That’s great news for parents, because it’s also a pet that’s easy on the wallet.

Hermit crab
The hermit crab makes an unusual pet that doesn’t cost very much—you can buy one for about $6 at most pet stores.

If you had a pet hamster as a kid, you know that these animals are very cute and love running on their wheel. They’re also one of the least expensive rodents you can own.

 It doesn’t need to be entertained, visit the vet, or have a bunch of toys, this arachnid is one of the least expensive animals you can own. 

Corn snake
It doesn’t cost much to adopt a corn snake, especially compared to the cost of an animal like a dog.

 The budgie, its cage, and accessories will cost you about $300. Once you’re all set up, you’ll be spending $200 per year on food, toys, and visits to the vet.

The butterfly is a cost-effective pet that requires very little care. For just a few dollars, you can order a butterfly growing kit online. 

Emperor scorpion
The emperor scorpion is the ideal pet for people who don’t have much time or affection to offer.

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