The Chrysler Building exposed

The Chrysler Building: Including the antenna spire, the Chrysler Building is 318 m (1,046 ft) tall. It's located on the East Side of midtown Manhattan.

A '30s landmark: Completed in May 1930, the Chrysler Building was the word's tallest building for 11 months.

Standing tall: But for those 11 months this Art Deco masterpiece stood above everything else in the midtown area of Manhattan.

Fairground attraction: Pictured is the Chrysler Building, circa 1950, and the Daily News Building, seen through a Ferris Wheel.

A giant among giants: Today, the Chrysler is the eighth-tallest building in New York City, tied with The New York Times building.

City lights: The Chrysler seen from the observation level of the Empire State Building.

Walter Chrysler: The building is named after Walter Chrysler (1875–1940), founder of the Chrysler Corporation.

Critical response: When it opened, the building received mixed reviews. Some critics derided the design as inane.

William Van Alen: A striking example of Art Deco architecture, the Chrysler Building was designed by American architect William.

Hubcaps and fenders: Walter Chrysler intended to make the building the Chrysler Corporation's headquarters. 

Automobile design influence: Exaggerated hood ornaments from the Plymouth automobile like this radiator cap were incorporated.

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