The cutest dog breeds, ranked

Australian shepherd:
they are working dogs that are very useful for herding. They can also be used as search and rescue and guide dogs.

Shetland sheepdog:
Named after their place of origin, the Shetland Islands, this breed of herding dog is also known as a Sheltie. 

Siberian husky:
This working dog breed has a distinctive wolf-like appearance. Originating in Asia, they were brought to Alaska to be trained as sled dogs.

Pembroke Welsh corgi:
They are very sociable dogs, and on the higher end of the intelligence scale.

the dalmatian is instantly recognizable—not least because of the Disney film '101 Dalmatians.'

American Staffordshire terrier:
this breed is a descendant of the Bull and Terrier, which was used as a fighting dog in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Golden retriever:
The name of this breed is indicative of its status as a hunting dog. They are also often used as disability assistance dogs.

The small hound was bred largely for hunting purposes. Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy is a very famous example of a beagle.

English setter:
A hunter breed, English setters are intelligent dogs, but can also be strong-willed and mischievous.

Bernese mountain dog:
This very large breed of working dog was originally brought to Switzerland by the Romans approximately two thousand years ago.

French bulldog:
The French bulldog has become one of the most popular dog breeds in recent years. 

Also known as a sausage dog, this hound breed was initially developed as a hunter. They can be rather difficult dogs to train.

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