The dangers of gambling addiction, how break free of it

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Who is at risk: There are numerous risk factors involved that can lead to certain people being more susceptible to gambling addiction than others.

What is gambling addiction: Gambling can quickly become problematic when it begins to have serious, adverse consequences for your personal life and you begin finding it.

Preoccupation with gambling: Like other, less damaging hobbies and habits, gambling can easily start to fill up large parts.

How many people are affected by gambling addiction: A 2020 study showed that more than two million people over the age of 18 suffer from compulsive gambling.

Who is at risk: Studies show that younger people are more likely to develop gambling addictions than older people, but those problems frequently.

Uncontrollable gambling: A sure sign that you are developing a problem with gambling is when you feel you have no control over yourself. 

Restlessness or irritability: When life revolves around gambling, other aspects of everyday existence can seem frustrating and taxing.

Mood swings: Incessant gambling can adversely affect the reward center in your brain, which can lead to erratic and.

Always raising the stakes: Another telltale sign of addictions of all kinds is a constant need to push your habit a bit further.

Signs you might be a compulsive gambler: It's not difficult to slip into a serious gambling addiction without even realizing it, as the habit is easy to get swept up in.

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