The dark history of the Kennedy family

“The missing Kennedy" -
Rosemary Kennedy was the eldest sister of President John F. Kennedy. Some referred to her as “the missing Kennedy

“The missing Kennedy" -
As she grew into a young woman, she was very attractive and her parents were concerned about her safety given her diminished mental capacity.

Assassinations: John F. Kennedy -
Perhaps the most famous tragedies to strike the Kennedy family were the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy.

Plane crashes: Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. - A shocking number of Kennedys have died in plane crashes over the years, which is one of many reasons their family is believed to be cursed with bad luck.

Plane crashes: Kathleen Kennedy -Four years later, sister Kathleen Kennedy was traveling over France in a small plane during a storm. 

Plane crashes: Ethel Kennedy's family - Ethel Kennedy, the wife of Robert Kennedy, lost both of her parents in an airplane accident in 1955.

Plane crashes: Ted Kennedy -
In 1964, Ted Kennedy (of the infamous Chappaquiddick car accident) was also involved in a plane crash. 

Plane crashes: John F. Kennedy Jr. - Kennedy Jr. was the one piloting the plane, and flight records show that he somehow lost control and crashed it into the Atlantic Ocean. 

William Kennedy Smith accused of assault - William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of JFK, was arrested for sexual battery in 1991.

Michael Skakel and the murder of Martha Moxley - In 2002, Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel was convicted of murdering a young woman named Martha Moxley back in 1975. 

John F. Kennedy's illness -
In the 1940s, JFK was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Addison’s disease.

Jackie Kennedy's raw deal -
Many accounts suggest that Black Jack and JFK bonded over their shared love of boozing and seducing women who weren’t their wives.

Depression and treatment -
Several years down the line, Jackie was married to JFK and had suffered a devastating miscarriage followed by a stillbirth.

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