The deadliest passenger plane crashes

Munich air disaster (1958) -
The Munich air disaster is the name given to the crash on February 6, 1958 of British European Airways Flight 609.

The New York midair collision (1960) - The view of the scene of the plane crash in Brooklyn on December 18, 1960.

British European Airways Flight 548 (1972) - On June 18, 1972, British European Airways Flight 548 crashed soon after taking off from Heathrow Airport in London. 

Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (1974) - Pictured: the wreckage of Turkish Airlines Flight 981 in the Ermenonville Forest outside Paris in France, after crashing on March 3, 1974. 

Air India Flight 182 (1985) -
On June 23, 1985, Air India Flight 182 fell into the Atlantic Ocean off the southwestern tip of Ireland, killing all 320 people on board.

TWA Flight 800 (1996) -
A section of the wing of TWA Flight 800 floats in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean after the Boeing 747 plane crashed near East Moriches in New York.

9/11 (2001) -
Pictured: the hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston seen about to crash into the South Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.

American Airlines Flight 587 (2001) - Two months and one day after the September 11 atrocities, on November 12, 2001, American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in Queens, New York.

China Airlines Flight 611 (2002) -
One of the engines recovered from the wreckage of China Airlines Flight 611 is pictured in a hangar after the Boeing 747 plane crashed into the Taiwan.

Spanair Flight 5022 (2008) -
Spanair Flight 5022 crashed just after takeoff from Madrid–Barajas Airport on August 20, 2008. 

Air France Flight 447 (2009) -
All 228 passengers and crew lost their lives after Air France Flight 447 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean on a flight from Rio da Janeiro in Brazil to Paris, France. 

Metrojet Flight 9268 (2015) -
Russian chartered Metrojet Flight 9268 was destroyed by a bomb above Egypt's northern Sinai on October 31, 2015. 

LaMia Flight 2933 (2016) -
On November 28, 2016, LaMia Flight 2933 crashed near Medellín, Colombia, killing 71 of the 77 people on board. 

EgyptAir crash (2016) -
Some questions have finally been answered about the 2016 EgyptAir crash that claimed the lives of the 66 passengers and crew on board.

Nepal, 2022 -
The wreckage of a plane that got lost in Nepal’s mountains was found scattered on the side of a mountain gorge on May 30.

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