The different personality masks we wear

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The avoidant mask: -The avoidant mask is all about withdrawing into yourself in fear of rejection and judgment of your mistakes.

The humor mask: -To avoid getting laughed at by others, people may use humor as a means of protection.

The controlling mask: -The wearer of the controlling mask is after a different type of perfection. 

The martyr or victim mask: -By wearing the martyr or victim mask, you don't accept any personal blame.

Personality masks: -By wearing a personality mask, you're covering up who you really are around other people in social, work, or personal interactions.

The self-bashing mask: -Talking down to yourself, even as a joke, is a defense mechanism meant to shield oneself from being made fun of or hurt.

The calm mask: -There are some people who wear a calm mask in nearly every situation.

The bully mask: -The bully mask is usually worn if you feel self-doubt or have been abused. 

The overachieving mask: -A person wearing the overachieving mask may be striving for perfection. 

The conformist mask: -By wearing the conformist mask, you do what everyone else around you is doing. 

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