The favorite drinks of royals history

Peter the Great - He visited England in 1698, and discovered his favorite drink: peppered brandy.

Queen Elizabeth I -
The former Queen of England loved her mead, and her alleged favorite recipe has survived until today (though now tweaked for a modern taste).

Queen Mother - She commonly drank throughout the day, but was partial to her pre-lunch cocktail: a glass of Dubonnet and gin.

Princess Margaret -
Yet another royal with a passion for Scotch. The late Princess was a stickler for her favorite drink, Scotch neat with a dash of water.

Meghan Markle -
The Duchess of Sussex enjoys a glass of red wine.

Catherine the Great - The Empress of Russia in the late 18th century, she made a real impact on the history of beer.

Napoleon Bonaparte -
While Bonaparte had an affinity for wine on the whole, he had a special place in his heart for Chambertin wines.

Prince Philip -
Arguably the most low-key alcoholic drink on this list, Prince Philip appreciated a good beer. 

King Tutankhamun -
King Tut was a fan of wine, and was buried with various wine jars.

Prince William -
Much like his grandfather, Prince William also enjoys a good brew. However, he allegedly tends to favor brands like Stella Artois and Guinness.

Princess Diana -
The late Princess Diana was allegedly not much of a drinker, however, she had a special place in her heart for the peach Bellini. 

King Henry VIII -
Small beer (or small ale) was a type of beer that had less alcohol than a standard beer.

Kate Middleton -
The Princess of Wales loves whiskey, and has been known to sip on some Jack Daniel’s from time to time. 

King Charles - He’s particularly partial to the Laphroaig 15 Year Old Scotch.

Prince Harry - The former party boy used to be a frequent consumer of Cîroc vodka, occasionally mixing it with Red Bull.

Queen Maxima -
The Queen of the Netherlands seems to have a healthy respect for beer. She happily drank an impressive amount before a brewery tour in 2019.

Princess Eugenie -
Princess Eugenie revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that her favorite drink is “vodka soda with loads of lime.”

Prince Edward -
The Earl of Wessex reportedly enjoys a refreshing gin and tonic as his preferred beverage.

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