The fittest female stars over 40

Nicole Kidman -
The Australian actress swears by running, yoga, and spin classes to stay fit. Nicole Kidman says that getting active with her family also helps her look great in her fifties. 

Sandra Bullock -
The actress also looks stunning in her fifties. Like Aniston, Bullock also works out most days. She likes to do dance, Pilates, yoga, and cardio.

Heidi Klum -
The supermodel continues to look fiercely fit at age fifty. The former Victoria's Secret Angel is into yoga, hiking, trampolining, circuit training, and tennis. 

Kourtney Kardashian -
Kourtney Kardashian uses resistance bands to help sculpt her body. She also works her core and is a fan of high-intensity boxing workouts. 

Gwyneth Paltrow -
Gwyneth Paltrow eats "clean" and works out five days a week, using a mix of bodyweight exercises, cardio, and light weights. It's safe to say it pays off.

Elizabeth Hurley -
The English actress credits her incredible physique to an active lifestyle, healthy eating, and a few specific movements, including squats, planks, and arm exercises. 

Eva Mendes -
The actress swears by exercise (she loves interval training, combining jogging and sprinting) to stay in shape in her late forties. 

Christie Brinkley -
The former model made the cover of Sports Illustrated multiple times, including in 2017, aged 63. 

Christie Brinkley -
Christie Brinkley has always been an advocate of healthy living, following a vegetarian diet and regular exercise that includes yoga. 

Gabrielle Union -
The actress loves lifting weights, and is not afraid of squatting heavy. Gabrielle Union also keeps fit by throwing kettlebells and resistance bands into her workout.

Courteney Cox -
Edging closer to sixty, Courteney Cox keeps fit by running, working out in the gym, and playing tennis.

Shakira -
If you're still wondering why her hips don't lie,  that's because of all the dancing moves she does onstage, and of course, the hours upon hours of rehearsals. 

Shakira -
The Colombian singer mixes it up with strength training, HIIT classes, and circuit classes, to achieve a fearsomely fit body in her mid-forties. 

Victoria Beckham -
Posh Spice always tries to find time to work out. The fashion designer likes to run and has a personal trainer who helps her stay in shape. 

Jennifer Garner -
The actress likes to work out early in the morning, doing a mix of strength training, plyometrics, and dance cardio. 

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