The gate of hell is real

Does hell exist: Hell is part of the imagery and beliefs of many cultures and religions around the world.

The Devil: Judeo-Christian-Islamic culture, for example, references the devil who, according to biblical accounts, is a fallen angel and leader of a legion of evil.

Portrayal: The belief in this evil figure has often been represented in movies.

Portrayal: The devil has also been associated with people with very difficult personalities.

Welcome to hell: We now take you through the door of hell.

Where is it located: But before you step in, we have to tell you where it is, right.

Context: Turkmenistan is an Muslim country located beside Afghanistan, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

Speaking of beliefs: The predominant religion in the country is Sunni Islam.

Tourism:  If you wish to pay a visit to the country, it is helpful to know that the capital is called Ashkhabad.

Territory:  Most of Turkmenistan's territory consists of deserts.

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