The great British seaside of a bygone era

Bournemouth -
A premier south coast holiday destination, Bournemouth, seen here in 1880, is celebrated for its Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

Weymouth -
During the Second World War, Weymouth was an important mustering for Allied troops preparing for D-Day. The town is pictured here in more peaceful times, around 1890.

Blackpool -
When it was built in 1894, Blackpool Tower was the tallest building in the British Empire. The iconic structure, still standing today, is pictured in its inaugural year.

Torquay -
Genteel Torquay is the centerpiece of the English Riviera. It found favor with Victorian society and remains a destination of choice for those seeking a fashionable resort getaway. 

Brighton -
One of the most popular seaside resorts in Great Britain, Brighton was a fashionable Victorian-era vacation destination. 

Margate -
Crowds of smartly dressed people line the pier at Margate for their traditional afternoon seaside stroll. Completed in 1856, the pier collapsed in 1978 during a severe storm.

Scarborough -
Scarborough is the largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire Coast and deserves its reputation as one of England's most famous seaside towns. 

Southsea -
Four women on the beach at Southsea in 1929 are all eyes at sea as they watch the Schneider Trophy air race take place over The Solent. 

Morecambe -
Morecambe in Lancashire is known for its vast bay—the largest expanse of intertidal mudflats and sand in the United Kingdom.

Eastbourne -
A Victorina-era seaside town in East Sussex, Eastbourne derives a large and increasing income from tourism, as it has done since the 19th century. 

Barry Island -
In this amusing 1936 snapshot, a hapless beachgoer snoozing in his deckchair is unaware of the incoming tide at Barry Island, near Cardiff in Wales.

Llandudno -
Llandudno is the largest seaside resort in Wales. The town has been attracting holidaymakers since 1861. Pictured in 1937 is an acrobatic display taking place on the beach.

Scarborough -
This young boy has clearly lost his head while clowning around on Scarborough Beach in August 1958.

Margate -
Margate on the north coast of Kent is within easy day-trip distance from London, as this 1933 photograph of its overcrowded beach clearly testifies.

Newquay -
Smiling and laughing crowds hold out a large blanket to catch an entertainer jumping in the air during fun and games at Newquay in 1955.

Margate -
Having holiday fun in the sun at Minnis Bay near Margate in 1960 are these two teenagers. The beachwear is typical of the period.

Blackpool -
An August weekend scene taken from Blackpool Tower in 1966 captures thousands of beachgoers converging on the town's golden sands.

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