The greatest bass players of all time

Paul McCartney -
The former Beatle needs no introduction. Paul McCartney is one of the most prolific songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and, of course, bass players of all time. 

Geddy Lee -
The front man of the iconic Canadian rock band Rush is one of the greatest bass players ever. His effortless style playing in odd time signatures is just incredible.

Lemmy Kilmister -
The legendary Motörhead front man is probably the loudest bass player in history. 

Sting -
From 'Every Breath You Take' to 'Roxanne,' Sting's brilliant bass playing helped make The Police a hugely successful band.

Duff McKagan -
From the urgency of 'It's So Easy' to the melodic intro to 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' Duff McKagan contributed to the sound of Guns N' Roses in a very unique way.

Charles Mingus -
Charles Mingus is one of two upright bassists on this list, and probably the most famous one. It's worth noting that Mingus was so much more than just a jazz bass player.

Kim Gordon -
The bassist for the alternative pioneers Sonic Youth was one of the first female rock bass players to appear on the scene.

Kim Deal -
Kim Deal was not just the girl from the Pixies. She was the woman behind some of the most iconic, yet beautifully simple, bass lines in alt rock. Oh, and she sang, too!

John Entwistle -
If you've ever listened to The Who, you know how iconic Entwistle's thumping playing style is. The bass solo in their famous 1965 hit 'My Generation' is a great example.

Peter Hook -
The co-founder of Joy Division and New Order is also an iconic bass player. Known for playing his lines high on the neck, Hook's bass sound became easily recognizable and indeed original.

Geezer Butler -
The legendary Black Sabbath bassist had the amazing capability of being a brick in a solid rhythm section, and at the same time a creative melodic force alongside guitarist Tony Iommi.

Tim Commerford -
From Rage Against the Machine to Audioslave, Tim Commerford's bass playing is tight and a roaring driving force. He truly deserves a spot on this list.

Willie Dixon -
Bluesman Willie Dixon worked with artists such as Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and Bo Diddley. Dixon is a huge influence for many bass players.

Mark King -
Best known for his work with the band Level 42,  Mark King is one of the masters of the slap and pop technique. King wowed crowds with his fast percussive playing.

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