The greatest heist movies ever made

‘The Killing’ (1956) -
Stanley Kubrick directs this fantastic noir thriller. Full of double-crosses and deceitful schemes, it's sure to get you in the heist spirit.

‘Baby Driver’ (2017) -
The handsome Ansel Elgort plays a young car driver who takes part in a heist to make some money. However, is success even possible? With Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx.

‘The Italian Job’ (1969) -
The original 'The Italian Job' has Michael Caine as the leading man. They have to steal a heavy load of gold in the city of Turin in Italy.

‘The Usual Suspects’ (1995) -
Although a police lineup is not meant to unite criminals to embark on an illegal venture together, that is exactly what happens in this film.

‘Sexy Beast’ (2000) -
A gangster and a lock breaker team up together to commit one last ultimate crime, but it does not go quite so smoothly. Starring Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone.

‘Logan Lucky’ (2017) -
Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, and Adam Driver star in this heist film. It's an all-around winner with car racing, deceit, and robbery.

‘Fast Five’ (2011) -
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel have to break free from their servitude to a Brazilian drug lord. The only way out is to win their freedom by carrying out a huge heist.

‘Rififi’ (1955) -
'Rififi' will have you on the edge of your seat. The French thriller involves an almost perfect crime, but can it be done without emotion interfering?

‘The Lavender Hill Mob’ (1951) -
This is an iconic heist movie. A group of men think up an elaborate plan to smuggle gold out of London by melting them into souvenir Eiffel towers.

‘The Asphalt Jungle’ (1950) -
If you want Hollywood glamour, heist action, and an intricate plot, this is the film for you. With Marilyn Monroe and Sterling Hayden, it is a must-watch.

‘Thief’ (1981) -
It's all in the name. 'Thief' is about a man who wants to leave his life of crime behind him. However, he yearns to do one last big job before it all ends. Starring James Caan.

‘Bottle Rocket’ (1996) -
This is one of Wes Anderson's earliest films. Brothers Luke and Owen Wilson star as a duo who commit a crime and have to run away. 

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