The Greatest Movies of the Nineties

Heading 1

Clerks: Shot in grainy black and white and loosely based on director Kevin Smith’s life at the time, this no-budget.

The Ice Storm: The Virgin Suicides’ (1999): Want to survive adolescence – or, better yet, adulthood? Then watch this playful, tragic memento mori.

Billy Madison: Before the cinema du Adam Sandler meant nothing but bro baiting and phone-it-in paydays.

Dumb and Dumber: Masterful physical comedic performances by burgeoning movie star Jim Carrey and a straw-haired.

Orlando: This adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel about an apparently immortal Elizabethan-era nobleman.

The Usual Suspects: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” So says slippery.

Romeo + Juliet: Shakespeare had a hell of a run in the Nineties, from the riot grrrl shrew-taming of Ten Things.

Singles: Before a bunch of New Yorkers sipping coffee at Central Perk made the love lives of Generation X.

Buffalo ’66: A neurotic recent parolee (writer-director Vincent Gallo) abducts a dancer (Christina Ricci), forcing.

Lone Star: Forget the Alamo”: That’s not just the final line of writer-director John Sayles’ best film but also a tidy summatio.

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