The hardest languages in the world to learn

One of the difficulties English speakers are likely to face when learning Japanese is the phonetics.

Icelandic and English may both fall into the Indo-European language family, but the two share surprisingly few loan words.

Hungarian is a Uralic language, making it distinct from many European tongues that are part of the Indo-European language family.

Mandarin is a tonal language, meaning the tone or pitch used when saying a word can change its meaning.

The good news for those interested in learning Vietnamese is that the vocabulary and grammar are known for being fairly straightforward and logical.

About 38 million people worldwide are already speaking Thai, so it must not be too challenging, right? Well, for an English speaker, learning Thai may be easier said than done.

Of course, if the language you’re trying to pick up is Finnish, your journey may take you longer than anticipated.

 Arabic has a different alphabet, very different grammar rules and even a number of sounds that aren’t used in English. 

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